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If you have long hair, there are many options to choose from. But when it comes to the point of formal hairstyles it becomes difficult to manage. Especially while you’re out for a formal occasion there are things you cannot afford to do! We are presenting here a  collection of  15 formal hairstyles for long hair you must try!

Try out these formal hairstyles for long hair that make you look really great.

1. Bouffant

Comb your hair to free up the tangles and straight. Then grab the front part of the hair, raise it a little for a puffed-up look, get them back and pin tight. Let the hair loose.

2. Cinnamon Bun

This cinnamon bun goes with most of the outfit available. Comb your hair neatly free up the tangles. Bring it tightly and twist them, roll it towards a bun.

3. Classic Waves

Waves are again coming back to trend after a spell of simple straight hair. If you have naturally wavy hair, it’s awesome! Use rods if you don’t have them naturally. Part hair on one side and style them from middle to tips. Let loose on one shoulder and pull the remaining on the back!

4. Wavy Braid

Comb hair with a side parting. Leave the front loose, grab some strands from above the top of your ears and braid them. Now take this braid to the other side and pin it on the back. Let the remaining hair loose.

5. Half Updo

The half-up hairdo is a fabulous formal hairstyle for long hair and of course it’s an easy to wear hairstyle. First Comb hair neat-keep it straight or in loose waves and a middle part. Start from the middle top and get the puff.

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