Medium Wavy Hairstyles for You With Edgy Bobs 2018

1. Bombshell Locks

Admire this glamour do? Why not embrace the bombshell style! You may need the help of extensions to get this sexy bombshell locks! Wear them with hot color you may find, embezzle them with sparkling accessories

2. The Outgrown Bob

You may not pull off a bob, but this super modern bob, you surely can. This medium wavy hairstyle is trendy. Try these extra large and messy waves for once

3. Retro Waves

Isnt it glamorous? If you are not in favor of messy dos, then go vintage!this medium length wavy hairstyle is all about elegance, refinement and grace.

4. The Shaggy Look

These subtle waves, oh no one can ignore!Its totally trendy. These shaggy locks are easy to wear and effortless!

5. The 1920s Vibe

Image result for The 1920s Vibe hairstyles

Inspired by the incredible 1920s, this medium length hairstyle is a glam powerhouse reminiscence of old times. Do not forget to wear it with dark lips!

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