10 Amazing Side Swept Hairstyles for Any Occasion! All : Round Hairstyles

Updated on March 29th, 2020

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Riddle me this: what do all princesses have in common? If you have guessed gorgeous hair, you are absolutely right! But when it comes to this valuable treasure, every significant era is always marked with a different trend, as time has shown. And the new talk in town is the side swept hairstyles making the scene on the red carpet. The good news: you can achieve these hairstyles at the comfort of your home! Here are the top ten to start with.

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1. Pin Back Side

This side swept hairstyle will leave your friends wondering whether or not you cut your hair! To achieve the style, apply a medium hold gel and thermal protectant spray over damp hair and then dry it out using a flat brush, pulling the hair to your preferred side. Pin it down while tightening to the most comfortable strain. Curl the remaining side in medium segments, and then finish with shine serum and strong hold hairspray.

2. Sweet Side pony

source: Instagram

Looking for the ideal look for a daytime picnic or date? Try the sweet side pony. To style your hair, apply a medium hold mousse and thermal protectant spray over damp hair and then dry using round brush, generating and pulling volumes to one side. Lift the bottom segment of your hair (from your ear and below) and round it into a loose pony, curling it in 1 or 2 big sections. The top part should be curled in medium-sized sections. Sweep the remaining hair over your side and pin it down loosely, leaving out a couple of wispy pieces. Apply some medium hold hairspray to finish.

3. Sleek Side Sweep

As the name suggests, this hairstyle is all about sleekness. Start by applying some smoothing serum and thermal protectant spray over damp hair and then dry using a flat brush, drawing it to your favorite side. Flat iron the hair in small volumes and treat with a strong gel. Pin it back on one side, and then finish with a shine serum and some strong hold hairspray.

4. Colorful Sweep

The non-traditional neutral colors in this side swept hairstyle are HOT. Apply a light hold mousse and thermal protectant spray over damp hair and then dry using a round brush, pulling chunks of the hair to your preferred side. Pick up your favorite hair chalk color and paint different sections of your hair, following the directions on the label. Curl in medium volumes and comb through lightly. Pull the hair loosely to your favorite side, pinning it down if necessary. Apply a medium hold hairspray to finish.

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5. Casual Sweep

source: Instagram

Want to show off your vibrant, beautiful hair color? Then this is a great look for any time of day, whether morning, noon or night! Apply a texturizer and thermal protectant spray over damp hair and then dry with a round brush, pulling the hair over one side. Curl and brush the hair in large sections, pulling it loosely to your favorite side. As usual, finish by applying some medium hold hairspray.

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