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10 Luscious Prom Hairstyles For Short Hair To Make Your Night Memorable

You have selected your dress, jewelry and shoes for the upcoming prom. Is there anything left that you must need to be the princess of the function? Yes, and it is prom hairstyle. If you have short hair here are 5 prom hairstyles for short hair. No doubt, a wonderful and organized prom hairstyle for short hair will make you perfect and the one to whom everyone will stare at. The 5 best prom hairstyles for short hair are


5 Luscious Prom Hairstyles For Short Hair To Make Your Night Memorable

The feathered Bob is a nice and a stylist prom hairstyle for short hair. Maximum teenage girls are fond of this hairstyle because of its trendy and voluminous look. Girls with small face suit this hair style most. To get this hairstyle you need to cut short layered cut a few weeks before your long cherished prom night. If you want to get feather its necessary to have layers. The more layers you get, you will get more feathers. Before getting this hair style make sure to get your hair cleaned properly using a mild shampoo and leave in conditioner. Then blow dry your hair with your blow dryer and make volume using medium round hair tooth brush. Use a little amount of serum to make your hair shinier and leave hair spray so that the feathered don’t fall at middle of the party.

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