9 Crazy Rainbow Christmas Hair Colors Ideas For Trendy Girls

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One of the best celeb transformations ever happened; happened with Miley Cyrus. Her Instagram updates nowadays filled unconventional style statements. But it’s her hair that startled everyone! Her experimentation with hair ranges from simple medium ombre to crazy faux hawk!  If you have short to middle length hair, you can definitely try them out as her hairstyles are in a rage this season!

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1. Chic short ombre wavy bob hairstyle

9 Cool Miley Cyrus Hairstyles For You!


Undoubtedly casual and simple, is the best remark on this regular looking hairstyle. Ombre is the new cool! Everyone is going ombre, here is Miley Cyrus with shoulder-length hair with gentle waves. Parted and a wave is the main feature of this hairstyle. This picture shows brown to blonde shades with a natural tone that matches with Miley’s skin very well. Look out for more ombre of your own choice.

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Originally posted 2016-11-22 17:56:33.