9 Side Fringe Hairstyles For Long Hair To Wear Anytime In The Year

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Hair. We love to hate it sometimes. Universally women just seem to want more out of their hair, and often it’s something our hair simply cannot deliver. So how can we turn that hair “no”, into a hair “yes”? The key is the fringe. And for those whose hair grows far too fast, or is too difficult for that blunt bang, the side swept fringe (or bang) is the way to go! Not only does it cut back on a number of times we pop over to the salon for a quick trim, but it will also prevent those over the sink meltdowns because we attempted a DIY trim from home.

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So let’s start with the basic side fringe, nothing too fancy, just a blunt fringe pulled over to the side. Add a touch of ombre color, and it enhances the look tenfold. It gives dimension to the hairstyle without cutting off too much around the face, not to mention it’s rather fun to play around with different color-scapes for our hair.

1. Burgundy Blush.

9 Side Fringe Hairstyles For Long Hair To Wear Anytime In The Year


Pair a luscious, rich red color with a soft feathered fringe to create a sexy but flirty hairstyle. Not to mention this fringe could be used with hair pulled back, or add extra softness around the face when the hair is curled. (As an aside, pair this hairstyle/color with a rich red wine lip color for a night on the town).

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Originally posted 2016-10-23 17:11:14.