BaByliss Pro Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener Review

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Are you hungry for a perfect sleek look? And you are having dam and dull curly or wavy hair? We have some fantastic ideas to straighten your hair with BaByliss Pro Nano Straightener. When you are searching for the perfect straightener for your hair, I know it is somehow crazy. Finding a good straightener depends on your hair type and interest. If you want a curling iron then you should know all the straighteners don’t work as a curling iron and the curls that are done by straighteners have worse look than done by the curling iron. I think the thicker plates are perfect as a curling iron. BaByliss Pro Wet-To-Dry Nano Straightener has the thinnest body you will ever find in the market. This iron is good for many types of hair ironing and the wet to dry feature is really worthy. Your Dull and Curly hair may transform into a lovely fairy tale silky Cinderella hair.

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Too Much Heat for a Small Housing

I was always searching if the bodies of iron would get too hot to burn you easily, but this one is made of Ryton that doesn’t get much heat while using. You can rely on the product that keeps you from burning.

Good for Course

This bad boy can be heated up to 450 degrees, which means it provides sufficient heat for all hair types. This product is great for coarse hair and you will like the feature very much. Certain hair types have to pay a whole lot more to get the right flat iron for their hair.If your hair is difficult to straighten this iron is probably the best for you. You can tame down your long curly or coarse hair in just 20 minutes. That’s a huge difference in time with some expensive alternatives. If you have hair that’s difficult to straighten, this is probably the iron for you. It can get very long, curly and coarse hair under control in just 20 minutes. That’s a huge difference in time over some of the lower powered alternatives.

Smooth Moves

The Nano titanium covering on the plates is designed to drift effortlessly over the hair. The titanium surface is much smoother than some other options and it prevents hair from frizzing and get in order quickly.

Straight: Straight out of the Shower?

This Babyliss pro titanium hair straightener is a “wet to dry” model which means that you can skip blow drying and use it on damp hair.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of using my straightener for drying as well as styling my mane. Sizzling it dry with an iron will be far more injurious than blowing it with a dryer. But I would still buy this Babyliss pro hair straightener product for regular use.

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It is an ideal machine for an expert

Even though I’m a bit of a cynic or you may call me faultfinder when it comes to straightening the damp hair, I still believe the babyliss pro titanium flat iron is a top professional flat iron. It is way better than the cheaper Babyliss pro ceramic flat iron which is implicated in porcelain and does not have the even heat or the negative ions that their titanium models boast.

The professional difference in the Babyliss titanium pro flat iron is in the material. The high quality, lightweight titanium plates are perfect for frizzy hair because this titanium is the best known conductor for the negative ions straighteners use to neutralize static.

Another important material matter with this model is the housing which is made of Ryton. This high quality plastic doesn’t heat up like other materials, meaning that the casing on the irons can be ultra thin and you can do the style with legibility without burning your hand of your scalp!

Worth The Wet to Dry?

I was interested about this product for the wet to dry technology but I have not seen it working yet. Wet to dry irons trap too much moisture and there is always a risk of frying your lovely mane . BaByliss Pro Wet-To-Dry hair straightener comes with negative ion technology which is good for hair to hold moisture. It keeps your hair frizz free and straightens smoothly. It works best on damp hair not wet hair after shower.

Saves your time

These Babyliss pro straighteners have 5 inch long plates which are a huge bonus if your mane is thick, coarse or super long because you can work through larger sections of hair and speed up your fashioning. Other time saving factors include quick heat-up for 50 temperature settings up to 450° and instant heat recovery so you do not have to rest the irons while you’re styling. Press SNOOZE one more time – these irons will shave a three or four minutes off your morning beauty routine!

Great for Barrel Curls

When I want to make beautiful rolling barrel curls for a wedding or prom do in my salon, I almost always reach for Babyliss. This company makes quite an extensive range of curling devices including the Babyliss pro miracurl and the Babyliss pro hot rollers but I really think that their flat iron is perfect for larger curls.

Curling hair with babyliss pro straighteners is so simple because of the super slim-line housing. You can easily flip a section of your hair around the rounded handles and glide it down for the perfect barrel curl.

No auto Shutoff

Professional styles irons tend have the auto shutoff feature, but this poses another problem for me. My husband doesn’t allow me to have irons without an auto-shut off because I have the problem of forgetfulness. Rather than burning down my house I will opt for something more.

The Waiting Game

One of the things I hate of a straightener is waiting to heat. I need instant heating technology which saves my time. This “bad boy” can’t heat up instantly while most of the current irons do. This iron cuts out my sleeping time in the morning.

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There are some less expensive products in the flat iron market place but you have to spend 80 to 100 dollars in most of the cases. I think 100 dollar is fine to get a product of this type. This iron is worth of 100 dollar and considering this option would not depress you.

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