5 Gorgeous Black Nail Designs with Rhinestones Only for you : Check them out!

Updated on March 29th, 2020

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If you refinement your claws alone, here are some of the most common mistakes that many people do. One of them is filing the nail from both sides, forward and backward. Keep in mind that this is a very bad and leads to cracking. It is better that you file in one direction only. Also, if you did not remove the cream for the nail before coloring nail with nail polish, color will not be applied as you like. Many women are wrong, because they put too much nail polish. Two thin coats of paint will be sufficient. After paint color always goes transparent varnish which will help to color last more time. And there is of course cuticle oil, which almost always all of us skip, while in the salon they regularly apply for it. For the ladies who prefer gelling nails with UV gel, life is a little easier because it is ample to visit once a month manicure. Nails treathed with UV gel last longer, lasting up to a month, so that you will be spared from almost everyday coloring natural nails. There are too much ideas for gelling nails. Very often you cannot decide whether you want rounded or square nails, or perhaps harsh. You do not know if you want them to be matte or gloss, in one color or combination of two or more colors. Therefore, dear ladies, the best would be that you in your house decide what you want to do and be ready when you arrive in a salon. So, you will be sure that you will not regret after, why you for this variant decided this month. Let’s have a look in some ideas of black nail designs with rhinestones.

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1. Sleek Gold Nail

5 Lovely Black Nail Designs with Rhinestones Only for you


Our first nail art design is a minimalist design with a maximal inspiration.  This sleek golden nail with golden highlights is good for a little edge but with some royal glam thrown in. It is polished for work but kills on the dance floor.

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