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8 Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair Without Even Knowing It

Who does not seek nice and sleek, shiny and beautiful tresses like most of the celeb or magazine covers usually portrays. We are generally tended to care for our hair. But many of us damaging our hair unknowingly. Without proper care, our precious hair can turn into dull, damaged frizzy or tangling one. This following article contains listing of demonic activity that damages our precious locks:

Washing too often

The first misspell is washing too often.  Shampoos are only product to remove the dirt and excessive oil from your hair, but they are also responsible for removing everything good, like natural oils, nourishment that keeps scalp healthy and natural. To have healthy and moisturizing hair one should not use shampoo more than 2-3 times a week

Heat products

Usual heat products like curling irons, flat irons, and blow-dryers can rampage the hair like hell. Try use as lest heat as possible, If you must, then should use heat protectant. We encourage air dry most of the time. Styling products is a must because that protect from harsh heat. Anyways if the cuticle is damaged from over-styling, the inner core gets exposed that results in dryness we lose the natural luster of our hair.

Shampooing from root to ends

Use shampoo in the scalp area only and let the lather and dirt draining from bottom to top. While using conditioner go through the middle to the ends. Many specialist pieces of advice that shampoo is not useful as it seems. They prefer dry shampoo instead. If you had to use then, avoid mane being rinsed with shampoo. Do not expose your scalp to conditioner.

Rinsing with hot water

Almost everybody prefers the stream of hot water over our head. But take into consideration that hot water exposes the hair pores causing it to defenseless to breakage. Rinsing your hair with cool water is essentially better for hair. If you take a hot shower or bath just make sure you finish with a cold water rinsing.

Brushing too much

Over-brushing, especially brush with dense and sharp bristles can lead to tangling, hard knots ultimately damaged hair. Over-brushing lead to consistent friction. Friction was resulting in broken hair and split ends. Always brush when your hair is dry. Go over gently, start from the end and slowly working your way up to the root.

Always putting your hair up

Frequent ponytails and braids can also do harm to your hair. When these pulled very often or even regularly, permanent damage can occur. We generally stick to our favorite hairstyle that puts hair strands tied in the same place for a long period. As a result our hair fibers get damaged causing breakage.

Chemical coloring

Permanent coloring can bring damage to your nice hair. If you are not hiding grey hair you can go for semi permanent color, which is not that harsh and much less damaging to your hair. Avoid chemical colors and learn to love your natural hair color.

Harmful products

We encourage organic hair products as opposed to other product lines containing parabens, toxins and other industrial cleaning ingredients. Our regular kitchen has the best and side effect free natural herbs that we must use as treatments for our hair. Dairy products like egg, yogurt, sour cream, coconut oil, olive oil are useful to restore that damage and recover hair to a beautiful and shiny state. Even beer is great for plumping up tresses and adding volume and shine thanks to the yeast it contains.

These are the eight don’t that should not do with your hair. Whether fashion conscious or not, try avoiding these things and have a nice and shiny, silky hair.

8 Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair Without Even Knowing It