5 Awesome Feather Nail Art Peacock Design for 2020: Check them out!

Updated on April 11th, 2020

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A women has an obsession with peacock designs. Just the colors and the magnificence of the bird captures our imagination and we have managed to incorporate it into our wardrobe and other accessories as well. So, The Peacock Nail art design being all the rage these days comes as no surprise. You can create some pretty, spectacular and utterly fascinating peacock nail art design such as the following.

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1. Two Toned Nails

5 Awesome Feather Nail Art Peacock Design - Only For You!

If you are an amateur at nail art and you are not sure that you can manage any of the more complex designs, then this two-toned peacock color nails are your best bet in these. There are no designs or patterns and yet when you look at the two colors blending you immediately think of a peacock design.

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