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7 Fantastic Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes Which You Cannot Imagine

If you suspect brunettes have a lot of fun, you would possibly assume there’s no thanks to modification up your look blondes may be Pt, dirty blonde, and more, however brown hair is just… brown. Right?

Wrong. There are literally heaps of ways in which to dye your hair and keep your brunette base, from balayage to glazes to the fan-favorite ombre fade. Below, consider our favourite hair color ideas for brunettes, from natural blends to crazy pops of color. Don’t forget to pin to your inspo boards for your next salon appointment.

1. Sun-kissed highlights

Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes Cannot Think Without These

Adding in mere many face-framing blonde highlights will completely modification your look by warming things up and providing you with a beach-ready glow. To avoid things obtaining patterned, keep the blonde a lot of gold-toned as against white or Pt, and add all round the crown rather than simply the front to provide a lot of natural, kissed by the sun vibration.

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