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4 Best Hair Growth Oil To Restore Your Hair Naturally

Hair growth oils are certainly making quite a ruckus in the hair health and beauty industry, aren’t they? If you have the bravery to run a general search of the phrase “hair growth oils” your computer will explode with the millions upon millions of results showing an endless list of various health and nutritional sites, blogs and posts ranting a raving about how great they are.

But reputable sources you are going to have to look a little harder to find to get real legitimate info on these oils and what they provide and what kind of expectations to have for them and if their if they truly deliver even a sliver of what they claim they do. All the reviews, posts, testimonials, etc. praising the efficacy of oils have to be taken with a grain of salt. So let’s discuss hair growth oils because with all of these little fads, it’s important to look at them with a critical eye.

Fact And Fiction

The hype about hair growth oil is pretty intense. It pretty much seems to promise absolutely everything your heart desires for your hair. And like all things, definitely too good to be true. Promoters and users say it gets you thick and healthier hair that will grow at the mind boggling speeds. Can anyone say PLACEBO EFFECT? Science and doctors may disagree with what all these happy customers. Getting thicker hair after an issue or incident that caused your natural hair to thin out due from things like damage or nutrition is one thing, but the capacity of thickness that you are capable of growing is genetics. The exact same issue applies to your speed of growth. Sorry Doctor Oz, it looks like those pesky real medical experts and science is proving you wrong again. Darn it! Just because it may come from an oil lamp, doesn’t mean that there’s a genie in that bottle. But then again, who didn’t see that coming. Believing a $6 hair oil is going to fix miraculously issues that have eluded medical professionals and scientists definitely counts as wishful thinking.

Hi Reality!

It’s not to say that there is no benefit to hair growth oils. They still can be useful and aren’t completely without purpose. They can be a good treatment for flaky and itchy scalps or dry and brittle hair. The nourishment and moisture that they provide also gives hair some additional protection from damage caused by heat, styling, chemicals and the elements. Although it can be tricky for daily use since it can very easily make your hail look… well oily.


What are hair growth oils made of? You’d almost be better off asking what they’re not made of because there is an extremely long list of both natural and artificially produced oils for hair growth. Right now the natural ones are what’s most popular, and many are in the standard kitchen. Oils such as olive, grapeseed, coconut, lavender, almond, castor, jojoba and some mineral oils are all big right now. Even emu oil is being used as a hair growth oil, although an oil from a bird might not be for everyone.

Oil On The Inside

Who says that hair growth oil has to be applied externally? Taking fish oil regularly can do more than protect your cardiovascular health, it can also be beneficial for hair growth and ensure a nice and healthy scalp. It’s nourishing for your roots and reduces hair fall. Not to insult anyone’s intelligence here but I’m going to say it just in case…DON’T USE THIS ON YOUR HEAD FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Unless you think dead mackerel could be your new signature scent, which is a good way to lose friends. Also don’t forget about the natural oils your scalp produces, which is still at the top of the list of oils that do the most for your hair. Soaping up less frequently will make your hair much happier.

So what’s the verdict on hair growth oils? With realistic expectations, they can be great tools for maintaining and adding some health to the hair you have as well as add a little nourishment to your roots to help them build and grow healthy new hair. But the key word there was realistic and about 99% of the stuff that comes up from a general internet search are definitely less than reliable sources of information.

4 Best Hair Growth Oil For Natural Hair