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Halloween Makeup Idea : How to Make fairy wings for Halloween

Halloween is knocking at the door and you must be getting ready for the costumes. You waited until the last minute to select the costume for this Halloween. Everyone wants to go crazy with fancy and glittering costume and Halloween is the only time to go through this. You can transform yourself into a glittery fairy by choosing a costume idea from this article of Halloween makeup ideas for fairy costumes. Pair the girly makeup look with a set of wings and soft curls with any fairy costume.

1. Two faced fairy tale makeup look

Halloween Makeup Idea - Two faced fairy tale makeup look

This is an amazingly gorgeous fairy makeup tutorial. We will instruct you on how to get these two faced fairy tale makeup look. Get a bottle of green face paint and apply it to the half of your face. Apply yellow paint on the opposite side of the green paint. Next paint red shadow onto the eye and then darken the looping areas of the red eye. Art red circles on the face and draw on a mouth to make it appear longer and laughing. Apply eye liner and glitter to the yellow eye to finish it off.

2. The Twinkling Fairy

Halloween Makeup Idea - The Twinkling Fairy

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You can consider this look as a signature look of a fairy tale. To get this look start by applying your usual foundation and concealer, sweep a frosty light pink shadow on your eyes parts like from lids to shadow. Use a crease brush to blend the pink blush. Apply black mascara and attach lashes with glue. Now move on your cheeks and apply the same hot pink blush to your apples. Blend it perfectly to match the eye blushes. Get a bright pink lipstick and paint a glitter over the eye shadow. Finish off the look by mixing together the white and bright pink glitter shades and sprinkle glitter all over the face.

3. Purple fairy look

Halloween Makeup Idea - Purple fairy look

Fairies turn to get portrayed as a nymph, playgirls in popular culture. Girls are always fond of having fun and when it is Halloween it should be boundless like fairies. There are good and evil everywhere and there are good and bad fairies. While the good ones are pretty, the bad ones are alluring and glittering to rock the Halloween.

4. Gothic she-devil fairy makeup

Halloween Makeup Idea - Gothic she-devil fairy makeup

Be the center of attraction at your Halloween party by putting together a banging on the she-devil look. Let the other girls have the different looks of cheerleader, nurse or others. You can outdo all of them by showing off your confidence with this Gothic devil fairy stylish Halloween costume. You will need some pale foundation, false eyelashes, thick eyeliner, blush and some dark red lip gloss. Get a hold of some cosmetic contact lenses to add extra effect.

Here are four types of fairy looks for the Halloween costume. You can wear any of these costumes from this list.

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