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8 Chic Jessica Alba Hairstyles : Best Celebrity Hairstyles For You

Jessica Alba is a coveted name for every fashion brand even though she isn’t a fashion icon for many. Her sassy avatar and dazzling looks perfectly compliment her curvy body and flawless skin. The sexy lasso loves to play with her hair and flaunts a new hairdo now and then. Take a peek into Jessica Alba hairstyles.

1. Princess Bun

Fancy Jessica Alba hairstyles? Here are 8 chic Jessica Alba hairstyles for you to wear on. Follow these hairstyle to keep up with the trend.


Jessica Alba’s glossy hair is undoubtedly priceless. This picture shows Jessica Alba wearing a princess bun, a classy retro style always keeps up with the trend. This universal hairstyle looks great on Alba. Nothing much, just use of band and ribbon and a few handy tricks you can achieve this edgy look.

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