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Top 5 Medium Wavy Hairstyles for You With Edgy Bobs

Looking for the fabulous medium wavy haircuts? Then you have come to the right place. Hairstyles for medium length hair look especially flattering when they are wavy. Believe it or not, but medium wavy hair looks much more attractive than straight hair. After all, every woman wants to look stylish and attractive. You may have countless ways to create a medium wavy hairstyle. Check out the haircuts for medium wavy hair. Most of these hairstyles are the favorite all over the world. Pick correctly, relying on which way you want to apply.

1. Centre Parted Lob


Watch Lly Collins rocks this wavy lob with a defining centre part. A great choice for oval faces; behold how the texture starts at about eyebrow level flowing gently through the lengths.

2. Centre Parted Bob


Chop off lob up a few inches and you’ve reached this Beyoncé wob. With the centre part, chin length and tighter waves, it rocks a triangular shape.  Its cute and trendy and definitely works on oval face shape.

3. Side Part


The classic way to style the lob length is: side-parted and with loose and brushed-out waves. It’s pretty \ flattering hairstyle in existence.

4. Deep Side Part


Tucked behind one ear a deep side part, Rosamund Pike’s medium wavy hairstyle is somewhere in between a bob and a lob. It is cut on an angle and the front is longer where the back is shorter Her texture is all over the strands starting from the roots. The waves are flat to her head with a lot of body. Genuinely flattering

5. Deep Side Part With Height


Who can forgot Margot Robbie burst on the scene with this medium wavy hairstyle. Main features are the height and volume at the front and a  flipped hair in the opposite direction with a deep side part.