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10 Unbelievable Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

2. Flat Twist


produce Associate in nursing eccentric, bold, versatile, trendy, and stylish look with the natural mohawk. There is a unit a range of the way to attain a natural mohawk for brief hair. First, you will select a mohawk cut that’s straightforward to keep up. If not, you will use pins to attain the natural mohawk look. You’ll conjointly braid the edges of your hair.

3. Big Spiral Curls


Spiral curls area unit the go-to vogue for a contemporary, in suspense look and work for any texture. They assist stretch your hair whereas maintaining a curl pattern. The curls are often achieved victimization flexi rods on each dry and wet hair although the results are totally different.

4. Braided Natural Updo


For a flexible vogue which will swimmingly go from casual to formal, updos area unit the thanks to go. From adorned and twisted ones to pompadour buns; the updos can offer you a chic look and a possibility from styling because it lasts and is simple to keep up. The fashion works well for all textures.

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