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12 Punk Hairstyles For One Rocking Night : Special Moment Hairstyle Ideas

Punk hairstyles have endured many revivals and reinventions since their initial popularity in the 1970’s. Back then bands like The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The Runaways, and The New York Dolls ruled the scene. Hairstyles took a detour from the soft, bouncy, golden feathered looks of Disco. The punk hairstyle was about edgy spiked to defy gravity blue-black raw works of art that laughed in your parents face. Since then, punk styles have come and gone, but the underlying edge and attitude of personal acceptance and confidence isn’t going anywhere. Styling Punk is much easier than you might think. It is more of an attitude than buying the right label. Today we have so many ways to “Punk Out” our tresses. With the amazing variety of hair products at our fingertips today, you don’t have to sacrifice length for a punk hairstyle rocking evening out.


while hair is wet, apply a heavy wax or gel product from roots to tips, work through sectioning hair horizontally and pulling up with hand apply heat to dry blowing straight up or for long length section hair the same, but twist from root to tip, then fold in halves and use Bobby pins to secure each section to center of head while still holding then blow each section dry on mid to high heat. Apply hairspray generously while blow drying each section.


source: Instagram

this is an easy style for short to mid-length. While hair is still damp, apply the gel from root to tip all over the head. Pinch small sections out from root to tip with one hair while blow drying with the other.



For One Rocking Night Only - Punk Hairstyles For You

Flat iron or blow hair out in straight style. Using spray in/wash out colors, tint in straight across segments, but try alternating colors like pink and black.


For One Rocking Night Only - Punk Hairstyles For You

Use bright pre-colored extensions in various lengths throughout hair to give the illusion of extreme layers


source: Instagram

A variation on the faux hawk. Take long straight tooth comb while hair is damp and has product applied and blow out “broken” faux hawk.

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