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5 Nice & Easy Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas With Easy Tutorial

We are here with five nice and easy ponytail hairstyles. Ponytails are casual but if designed properly, it can be trendy as other fancy hairstyles. Though in this article dedicated to nice and easy ponytail hairstyles for everyday life. If you are interested in the ponytail, scroll down for more

1. Rope Ponytail


You like this extravagant ponytail, if you want to mimic, first brush your hair smooth and then make a high ponytail. Loosen your pony a bit. If your hair is finer, brush your ponytail upwards to create more volume. Squirt very little amount of serum through your ponytail to make sure it can stay smooth. First, separate your ponytail into two sections and start twisting them to the left. Then, twist them together around each other in the opposite direction or clockwise to the right. Apply some hairspray to secure the hairstyle.

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