25 Quick Hairstyles for Long Hair : Time Saving Hairstyle for you

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Having long hair is really a matter of vanity for every girl and at the same time managing your long hair seems the most difficult task in the world for you. Getting a quick hairstyles for long hair can solve your task easily. Read on this article you will get here 5 quick hairstyles for long hair. 

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1. Bubble ponytails with a beanie

25 Quick Hairstyles For Long Hair | Easy and Simple


Bubble pony is one of the most attractive and popular quick hairstyles for long hair. To get this hair style just apply small amount of hair moisture cream all over your hair and  make  a beanie, places over your head and secure it with bobby pins . Then make two sections of your hair and tie your hair with elastic near the top section of your hair. Use elastic about 4 inches above the lower portion. Continue making section after every 4 inches above the next portion and wrap it with elastic band. Then loosen each section    between the elastics and fluff your hair to get the lovely bubble shape.

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Originally posted 2015-02-02 18:46:20.