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11 Amazing Short Funky Hairstyles for you in 2019 : Have A Look!

If you intend to do make a major change and create a unique look, short funky hairstyles would be a great option to express your attitude. These hairdos are fun and low maintenance and an option for long trendy hair. You can look trendy without paying much attention to frequent hair care and maintenance. Short Funky hairstyles are best option. You can recognize the short funky haircuts in the way the style in wavy, fine, curly or straight. Short funky hairstyles are not for the girls who have shyness. Follow the amazing short funky hairstyles to make a statement.

1. Edgy Platinum

11 Amazing Short Funky Hairstyles | Funky Hairstyles For Short Hair


Blonde can be a soft, natural look but if you like to rock a star cut platinum blonde is always punchy and fabulous. Expose the roots from super short hair to boost up the volume. This cut provides a great base to apply bright colors.

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