Six Common Vitamins And Supplements Fixes Hair Loss And Thinning

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Hair loss and thinning is a general problem affecting both men and women. Loss and thinning of hair are genetic and some changes in the level of hormones in the body. Some of the causes of hair loss can be health problems like thyroid problems, body reactions to some medicine, effects of some treatments, dangerous diseases like cancer, pregnancy, and more stress. Other causes of hair loss and thinning are the use of chemicals, frequent blow-drying thermal straightening. Lack of vitamins in the body also causes hair thing and falling

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6 Causes of Hair Loss & Thinning

Lack of vitamin D

Hair loss and thinning of hair show lack of vitamins in a human body. The beauty of every woman starts from the hair. Good health starts right from the head. Deficiency of vitamin D is one of the leading causes of hair loss. Research shows that a fat percentage in American experiences this problem at a tender age. They do not have the primary source of vitamin D. Vitamin d receptor is articulated in many cells and body tissues comprising the skin. Humans who lack this important receptor experience maximum hair loss and thinning. Hair loss indicates an individual can easily be affected by other diseases such as diabetes stroke, high blood pressure, heart diseases, tuberculosis and seasonal influenza.

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Lack of fatty acids

To prevent hair loss and to thin, the body must have enough amounts of Omega 3fatty acids. The fatty acids are responsible for manufacturing cholesterol and reducing it less when in access. The body requires cholesterol to make vitamin D, which is essential. One can also get Omega a3 fatty acids from cod liver oil.

Deficiency of amino acid, copper, and zinc

Eating a balanced diet reduces hair thinning and loss. A diet that has fresh vegetables and fruits, carbohydrates will never cause one to loose hair. Hair comprises of more proteins, and there they should be taken in plenty. Taking a significant amount of pollen will aid receiving and assimilating required amount of nutrients.


Hormonal imbalance

Hair thinning results from imbalanced hormones in the body. Thinning of the hair starts at the age of thirty in women. The most shocking part is when the hair on the head disappears as it grows on the upper lip. The body may become coarse. It occurs as a result of the accumulation of dihydro tester on conversion. As women grow their body starts functioning like men’s body. There is the production of testosterone and other androgens like DHEA. To identify any hair thinning caused by hormonal imbalance attest can be done by a health specialist. Physicians who give bio-identical hormones can also do the test. To prevent the conversion of androgens to DHT is done by taking saw palmetto supplements. It is a herb that from a flower of a palm tree called palmetto or sabal palm. Using this drug for an extended period brings back the hair and has no adverse side effects.

Reduced level of thyroid hormone

Loss and thinning of the hair come due to decreasing levels of thyroid hormones. A high percent of women in parts of America are affected by this defect. All hormones produced by the thyroid glands are responsible for breaking complex particles into small particles. The presence of thyroid hormones in the body speeds the working of cells making the hair grow at a faster rate. The rate at which hair grows depends on the level of thyroid hormone.

Deficiency in biotin

Hair loss and thinning is triggered by reduced level of biotin which is a substance in vitamin B. biotin is in yeast, white fish, vitamin, milk, whole grains, legumes, soybeans. Other vitamins that that trigger the growth of the hair are vitamin E and vitamin A.To prevent thinning and loss of hair, consume a lot of vitamins such as vitSSamin D, vitamin E.

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