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9 Useful Straight Hair Hacks For Hairs : Best Hair Tips And Tricks

You need not to be worry with caring your natural straight hair. Here we are presenting 9 useful straight hair hacks for you. Try using these tips and tricks on your straight hair to look as you like. Let’s roll:

  • To make straight look awesome, go for a heavy bang and lots of textured layers. Don’t hesitate doing layers shorter for a shaggy look. Get the bang heavy, rounded as much as possible and get it at brow-length for a contemporary look. In order to achieve dual-textured style, dry the bangs straight and sleek, then gently curl the rest of your hair.
  • To add movement and body, start with a hair primer to allow even distribution of styling products. Then blow-dry sections toward your face using a natural boar-bristle paddle brush to get an added movement.


  • Play with your straight hair by switching up the texture. The first day wear your hair down and dead straight. Then, go for a braid your hair before having a sleep. The next day, unbraid your hair and you’ll have soft waves. At day three, you skip the shampoo and pin your hair up into a nice loose updo, your hair will be a bit heavy and suitable for a perfect updo.


  • Get out the volumizing spray, just spray directly on your dry hair and scrunch them. Or simply make two big braids right before going to bed, puff a bit of mist surf spray into your dry hair. Part your hair down the center and create a braid behind each ear. The next morning, release the elastics and finger-comb. Finish with a little light spritz of hair spray and adore your voluminous hair!
  • If your hair is thick, it’s priority to maintain balance to avoid a bushy look. Tease your hair to give a little lift as you blow-dry the top and crown area. Try to keep your hair closer to your head area as you dry off the shaft and ends. Part the top area out of the way and dry under layers first. Apply volumizing mousse to the bang area if a lift is preferable, and the use straightening gel to the rest of the hair for getting a control of it.
  • Another way to make straight hair simple and fresh is to try an undone bun. To create it, Spritz shine sprays onto your dry hair, and then sweep it back using fingers. Bind it to an eye-level ponytail, then twist and wrap your hair to create a bun and pin it.
  • With straight hair, an advantage you have is you can either style it smooth or add curls. If you’re going to be wearing your hair straight, It is important that keeping your locks healthy and shiny. Using oil treatment every time before you shampoo, helps keep the cuticle smooth and healthy.
  • To add the control without weight, you can use a styling cream that helps shine and control. Applying the cream onto damp hair, blow-dry on each section lifting up and directing the blow from your dryer toward your scalp.
  • If you have straight and sleek, try to avoid heat curls. If you let heat more on dry hair, hair lack luster and expose the core. Try other natural ways to curl the hair.

9 Useful Straight Hair Hacks For Hairs | Best Hair Tips And Tricks

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