8 Fantastic Winter Hair Color for Blonde Low Lights for 2020: Don’t miss!

Updated on March 29th, 2020

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Are you a blonde looking for a change, but not a big one? Try some low lighting to make your ultra blonde tones pop! Lowlighting is a great way to add some depth and dimension to any blonde shade.

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Plus, you can give your hair a gentle break from all that high-lift action and refresh your stressed hair. Have some fun and try some creative color blocking and placement to increase your hair’s potential.

Take your blonde hair to the next stage with pastel hues or fiery copper tones for a stellar look that’s guaranteed to help you to shine! Whatever you decide, these ideas for blonde hair with lowlights are sure to amaze you.

Have a look into the collection we have got over here,

1. Icy Blonde Hair Color

8 Fantastic Winter Hair Color for Blonde Low Lights for 2019


Everyone is going lighter and lighter these days like this trendy color which is made perfect by adding the low lights into the icy blonde mane. Have a look at this fantastic and lovely hairstyle for the upcoming winter and don’t miss the opportunity. Give it a try!

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